Signs You May Need Cosmetic Dentistry

May 5, 2022


Making a good first impression brings on several positive effects. Your smile is the first thing the people who meet you see. Having a good smile is the best way to introduce yourself. It is crucial to have confidence in yourself and allow others to be confident in you.

You may need to consider getting cosmetic dentistry if you are not very confident about your smile. Cosmetic dentists work to make your teeth look appealing. They improve your general teeth functionality and health. Here is a list of the signs that highlight you need cosmetic dentistry.

Discolored Teeth

Your teeth can change their color. They may look dull and not as white as they should. Your teeth can darken, develop spots in different spots, or turn from white to another color. Having teeth discoloration can be unappealing. There are various reasons your teeth change color, as follows:

  • Extrinsic – Discoloration because of something that encounters your teeth. Examples include drinking red wine or coffee.
  • Intrinsic – Caused by something that comes from the inside of your body or teeth.
  • Aging – Your teeth can discolor later in life.

Your dentists can do professional tooth whitening. Doing so is effective when done by a licensed expert. Customized treatments also give long-lasting results.

Cracked or Chipped Teeth

Having cracked or chipped teeth can be unappealing. You are likely to have more dental problems like gum disease and cavities. Your dentist can examine your teeth and identify the best solution for the problem.

Dentists usually recommend putting crowns to cover the affected teeth. Crowns originate from ceramic or porcelain material. Your dentist can also recommend custom-made porcelain veneers to restore your smile. Bonding can also help improve your smile by using composite material.

Chipped or cracked teeth are easy to correct if you get a professional to do the job. Cosmetic dentists have the training and experience to give a beautiful smile.

Missing Teeth

Gaps caused by missing teeth are unsightly. Your teeth are likely to shift. Doing so creates new spaces and makes the remaining teeth crooked. Your dentist can offer a solution by recommending dental implants. 

Dental implants can mimic natural teeth by replacing the tooth root and crown. Your cosmetic dentist can recommend using a bridge. Bridges used for cosmetic dentistry fill the gap between your teeth. Your budget and preference will determine the procedure that you will have.

Chronic Headaches and Digestive Issues

Misaligned teeth can cause jaw and headaches. An abnormal bite makes your muscles struggle to bring your teeth together. This is as result of temporomandibular pain (TMJ). Signs associated with this pain are aching around the ear or jaw pain. Contact your cosmetic dentist if you suspect such pain.

Digestion issues can also arise from improper chewing. If you notice persisting problems like acid reflux, heartburn, or ulcers, talk to your cosmetic dentist to fix your bite. 

Embarrassed About Your Smile

Lack of confidence in your smile can affect your self-esteem. You are likely to avoid taking photos or having up-close conversations with people. Smiling can be a deal-breaker. You may not want people to notice your unattractive smile. When you are uncomfortable in public because of your smile, you need to visit a cosmetic dentist.

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