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What is Teeth Whitening?

Teeth discoloration is a common problem that many people in Kenya experience. It happens due to the wearing out of the enamel layer. Also, some of our daily habits contribute to this. The food we eat, beverages we drink and other habits like smoking can cause teeth staining. Discolored teeth can affect a person’s self-esteem and ultimately their social life.

Fortunately, a teeth whitening procedure also known as teeth bleaching or masking removes stains from the teeth. It is an effective way to restore the color of your teeth and improve your smile.

Before and After Teeth Whitening

before teeth maskingafter teeth masking
before teeth bleachingafter teeth bleaching
before teeth whiteningafter teeth whitening
before masking or teeth whiteningafter masking or teeth whitening

Professional Teeth Whitening

Masking or Teeth whitening is a common dental procedure that is less invasive and preferred by many in removing stains. It is a quick and affordable method to improve the appearance of your teeth and smile.

At Arrow Dental Centre, we provide in-office teeth whitening. We use advanced whitening technology to lighten your teeth several shades in just a single session. Our highly reputable team of teeth whitening dentists can remove old stains from tobacco, coffee, tea, and medication from your tooth enamel. The procedure is simple and quick which allows us to brighten your smile and enhance your self-confidence. It’s one of the reasons our dental clinic has built a strong patient base within and around the city.

What causes teeth staining or discoloration?

There are two kinds of dental stains: extrinsic stains and intrinsic stains.

Extrinsic stains are on the surface of the tooth and cause discoloration of the enamel layer. The discoloration is brown or yellow. Since extrinsic dental stains are a result of external substances, the cause is mainly some of the things you use such as coffee, tea, sodas, wine, cigarettes, tobacco, etc. Also, tooth decay can contribute to staining and discoloration on the surface of the teeth.

Intrinsic stains come from within and can be yellow, brown, gray, or white. Some of the common causes of intrinsic stains include too much fluoride as a child, genetics, trauma to the teeth, certain antibiotics, previous dental procedures, or some medical conditions. Proper oral diagnosis of the cause of the intrinsic stain should be done to identify the best treatment method.

Best Teeth Whitening Options for Dental Stains

At Arrow Dental Centre, we provide various types of teeth whitening or masking procedures. They include:

This teeth whitening treatment procedure involves bleaching the discolored tooth enamel, making your teeth brighter within a short period. This procedure involves applying a relatively high-concentration peroxide gel. This is done by a dentist after protecting the gum with a rubber dam. The gel remains on the teeth for about 15-minute intervals that add up to an hour. Patients with stubborn stains may be required to return for one of several bleaching sessions.
This treatment method involves applying tooth-colored dental resin onto the teeth which blend with the existing tooth structure to conceal stains and other flaws. The resin is a biomaterial that resembles the color of the enamel. Our teeth whitening dentist removes the tooth decay and applies the dental resin on the surface then morphs it into the right shape before securing it with our equipment. This process is known as bonding and is ideal for patients suffering from cracked/chipped teeth, worn-out tooth edges, and tooth decay.
These are thin shells of dental ceramic fitted to the front of the teeth. The veneers blend well with the natural tooth structure hiding stains and other imperfections from view. We use high-quality dental veneers personalized to resemble a patient’s natural teeth to resolve problems such as crooked teeth, damaged enamel, or noticeable gaps between the teeth. We apply the veneer to the front of each tooth to ensure it looks realistic.
This treatment method is ideal in cases where a tooth injury is the cause of an intrinsic stain. They mask the stain from view and protect the tooth from damage. The tooth-shaped crown can also strengthen and safeguard the tooth structure. We prepare the patient’s teeth, check their shape and size, and prepare a fitting crown.
Our in-office teeth whitening services offer the most effective way to brighten your teeth. When you visit our dental clinic, we conduct a thorough oral diagnosis and recommend the ideal teeth whitening option for your problem.

Are You a Candidate for Teeth Whitening?

Patients should be in good oral health before they undergo a teeth whitening procedure. Gum disease and infections are some issues that need to be addressed before you can qualify for cosmetic dentistry.

We have a highly reputable dentist who is capable of addressing all your oral health needs under one roof. He can provide the care you need to achieve the smile you want and deserve.

How to maintain your teeth after a professional teeth whitening?

Usually, your teeth will discolor with time, no matter how you care for them. Teeth whitening results last for one to two years. To maximize the benefits of the procedure and keep your teeth as white as possible, you should avoid things that can cause discoloration such as tobacco and dark-colored drinks (wine, tea, and coffee). You should ensure you brush your teeth after meals and floss regularly to prevent tartar and bacteria buildup on the teeth. Also, you should visit our dental clinic every six months for a dental checkup and full-mouth cleaning.

Get the attractive white smile you deserve

If you’re looking to whiten your discolored teeth, you’re in the right place. At Arrow Dental, we offer in-office teeth whitening services administered by a dentist using a personalized treatment approach. We have a caring and compassionate team ready to assist you and make you feel comfortable. We use state-of-the-art equipment and teeth-whitening products that we believe in.

Our dental clinic has earned the trust and praise of patients for consistently delivering outstanding results. During your visit, our dentist can identify if you are a good candidate for teeth whitening and explore the options for brightening your smile such as crowns or veneers.

If you have tooth stains and want to whiten your smile, book an appointment or call us.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to some of the commonly asked questions about teeth whitening in Kenya.

Is it bad to whiten your teeth?

Professional teeth whitening is completely safe and has few side effects. Some patients might feel teeth sensitivity after whitening but this resolves after a few days.

What is the best way to whiten your teeth?

The ideal method to whiten teeth and brighten your smile is an in-office teeth whitening session provided by a dentist.

Can porcelain veneers be whitened?

No. Porcelain veneers cannot be whitened. If stained, they should be replaced.

How long does teeth whitening last?

Permanent teeth whitening is not possible. The amount of time that the whitening lasts depends on your intake of dark-colored drinks such as coffee or smoking habits. Our dentist will recommend how often your teeth should be whitened and when to come in for dental checkups.

How often should I have my teeth professionally whitened?

Teeth whitening is not permanent. The amount of time that a whitening lasts is dependent on how much the patient smokes or drinks coffee, tea, or wine. Our dentists will be able to tell you how often to have your teeth professionally whitened when you come in for your scheduled dental checkups.

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