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What is Teeth Whitening?

Teeth whitening is an effective and quick way of lightening the color of your teeth. The process doesn’t completely change the color of your teeth. It helps in lightening the current color shade by several shades.

At Arrow Dental Centre, we believe that every person deserves a beautiful smile. That is why our team offers our patients affordable teeth whitening services in Nairobi. 

Teeth Whitening in Nairobi

Discolored teeth can ruin your smile and affect your self-confidence. If you have stained teeth and want to brighten your smile, turn to Arrow Dental Centre. We provide in-office teeth whitening services in our dental clinic in Nairobi. We use advanced whitening technology to lighten your teeth several shades after just a single treatment. Our highly skilled team can break through old stains from medications, tobacco, coffee, and tea from your tooth enamel. The procedure is simple, quick, and painless.

Bleaching vs. Whitening: What’s the Difference?

Teeth bleaching and teeth whitening are used interchangeably but they are not the same. Teeth bleaching applies in cases where the teeth can be whitened beyond their natural color and involve products with bleach such as hydrogen peroxide. On the other hand, teeth whitening refers to restoring the color of the tooth’s surface by removing debris and dirt.

At Arrow Dental Centre, we help our patients with stained teeth restore their natural color and get a better smile.

Who is a good candidate for teeth whitening?

Anyone with discolored teeth is a candidate for teeth whitening. Teeth can be stained on the surface by foods, drinks, smoking, or medications such as antibiotics. Depending on the results you want, whitening can be an option for discolored teeth. Also, porcelain veneers are another option, giving you the choice of how white you want your smile to be.

To determine if you’re a candidate for in-office or at-home teeth whitening, you can visit Arrow Dental Centre for a comprehensive oral diagnosis. Our teeth whitening specialist in Nairobi will examine your teeth to identify or rule out oral problems.

There are two categories of teeth staining: extrinsic and intrinsic. Extrinsic stains appear on the teeth surface due to repeated exposure to tobacco, foods, beverages, and routine wear and tear. Superficial extrinsic stains are minor and can be eliminated with brushing and dental cleaning. Stubborn extrinsic stains require involved efforts like teeth whitening. Intrinsic stains form on the interior of teeth and are typically a result of trauma, exposure to minerals, excessive ingestion of fluoride, or aging. They’re resistant but can be removed with take-home teeth whitening kits used over several months. In case they don’t go away, there are alternative solutions such as dental veneers.

With in-office whitening, you can get your desired tooth color change in a short period. This procedure involves applying a relatively high-concentration peroxide gel. This is done by a dentist after protecting the gum with a rubber dam. The gel remains on the teeth for about 15-minute intervals that add up to an hour. Patients with stubborn stains may be required to return for one of several bleaching sessions. Other teeth whitening procedures offered at our Nairobi dental clinic include:

Masking/Composite Bonding

This teeth whitening procedure refers to the repair of damaged or discolored teeth using biomaterial that resembles the color of the enamel. We remove the tooth decay and apply the composite on the surface then morph it into the right shape before securing it with our equipment through a process known as bonding. This covers the damaged teeth and gives a healthy appearance to the tooth. This teeth whitening procedure is available to patients suffering from cracked/chipped teeth, worn-out tooth edges, and tooth decay.

Dental Veneers

We use high-grade dental veneers customized to resemble a patient’s natural teeth to resolve problems such as crooked teeth, damaged enamel, or noticeable gaps between the teeth. We apply the veneer to the front of each tooth to ensure it looks realistic.


We use a crown, a tooth-shaped cap, to strengthen and safeguard the tooth structure. We prepare the patients’ teeth, check their shape and size, and prepare a fitting crown

If you’re considering any teeth whitening procedures, you should find a dental clinic that offers the option you want.

The price of teeth whitening in Kenya varies depending on the extent of staining and the procedure required. Professional in-office teeth whitening is a bit costly but it has the benefit of being done by an expert which ensures you get the results you desire within a short period. On the other hand, take-home whitening kits are affordable and can potentially deliver good results but take a longer period. It’s important to consider that whitening results are not permanent. If you want to maintain your bright smile, you’ll need to visit the dentist as the effects wane.

Maintaining Your Teeth Whitening Results

To keep your teeth as white as possible, we recommend:
  • Brushing your teeth after meals and flossing regularly
  • Limit taking dark-colored drinks and foods
  • Using whitening mouthwash if the dentist recommends it
  • Visit Arrow Dental Centre every six months for professional dental cleaning

Leading Teeth Whitening Clinic in Nairobi

Have you been searching online for “teeth whitening services near me”? You’re in the right place. Arrow Dental Centre, we’re proud to have qualified teeth whitening specialists who can provide the procedures you’re interested in. With our quick and affordable teeth whitening options, you leave with a better whiter smile. We talk to our patients about the process and our approach ensures your teeth are several shades lighter within a short time. Contact us on +2540740187579 or click here to schedule your appointment today.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the questions we often receive from our clients. Reach out to us if you have a question in particular.
Is Teeth Whitening Safe?
Yes. At Arrow Dental Centre, we use approved systems developed through research and are safe for teeth and gums. Under the supervision of our dentists, you can be assured to get the best results from our teeth whitening procedures in nairobi.
What are potential side effects of teeth whitening?
Some patients experience teeth sensitivity after treatment, but these symptoms last for about 1-3 days. Our teeth whitening treatment procedure will not affect any existing restorations such as crowns and will not damage your enamel.
What about home whitening kits?
There are many at-home teeth whitening kits available however their effectiveness depends on the amount of whitening agent they contain. Some are cheaper and may not be assessed for safety. There’s a chance that these products for teeth whitening at home could cause damage to your gums and teeth.
How long does it take before I see results?
After the procedure, your teeth color will fade and remain stable for about a year. It is recommended that you touch up your teeth every 4-6 months with your teeth whitening home kit.
Is teeth whitening permanent?
Teeth whitening isn’t permanent. It can last from several months to up to 3 years. This also depends on a person. The results won’t last as long if you drink dark-colored beverages like tea or coffee or some, which can stain your teeth.
When can tooth whitening not work?
Teeth whitening can only lighten the color of existing natural teeth. It does not work on dentures, crowns, and veneers.