Tooth Extraction

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What is a Tooth Extraction?

Tooth extraction, also known as dental extraction is the procedure of removing a severely damaged tooth. While there are dental procedures to repair and restore damaged teeth, there are cases where tooth extraction is necessary to prevent further damage to gums, bones, and surrounding teeth. At Arrow Dental Centre, we recommend this procedure when a tooth is extremely damaged by decay or periodontal disease. Also, dental extraction can be necessary when excess teeth are overcrowded in the mouth to prevent oral infections.

Painless Tooth Removal in Nairobi

At Arrow Dental Centre, we focus on helping our patients maintain healthy teeth and gums. We provide tooth extraction services in Nairobi as part of our tooth replacement solutions. Our dentists conduct an oral diagnosis to determine if tooth removal is the right option for you. Several factors such as age and condition of the tooth are considered to ensure you get the best option.

Our expert tooth extraction dentists make the best effort to ensure the area of removal is cleaned and stitched well. We use advanced dental technologies and sedation dentistry to ensure painless tooth removal.

Tooth Extraction Process

Our dentists give a local anesthetic during the tooth removal process to prevent discomfort or pain. The gums and surrounding bone might be cut to retrieve the tooth. Once our Nairobi dentist has grabbed the tooth in forceps, they gently rock the tooth until it dislodges. With the tooth removed, the dentist places gauze over the tooth socket to ensure blood clotting. It’s recommended to keep the gauze over the extraction areas for several hours after the procedure to help in the healing process.

Restoring your teeth after an extraction

Restoring your teeth is important for your smile and preventing oral problems such as bone loss. Our dentists offer restorative options to extract a tooth and place an implant at the same time. This procedure helps you save time instead of waiting for the extraction site to heal before coming back for an implant.

Wisdom Tooth Removal in Nairobi

Wisdom teeth are the final set of molars that develop during the late teens or early twenties. In many cases, they are misaligned or cause overcrowding in the mouth resulting in teeth shifting, damage, or jaw pain. If your wisdom tooth partially erupts, there’s a likelihood of infection. Our Nairobi dentists have the expertise to safely, quickly, and painlessly remove it.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the questions on teeth extraction in Kenya we often receive from our clients. Reach out to us if you have a question in particular.
Why consider extractions?
Sometimes, the best solution for tooth damage is extraction as restorative tooth procedures may be ineffective to resolve the problem or too costly. For some patients, removing a damaged tooth is essential to create space for dental implants.
Why does a tooth need to be extracted?
A tooth that has been destroyed by excessive decay can spread the infection to adjacent teeth and surrounding teeth. This can worsen the pain and cause more health problems. Our tooth extractions in Nairobi provide effective treatment to bring relief.
What steps should I take to consider extractions?
At our dental clinic in Nairobi, we have modern technology for oral diagnosis and extraction. You should discuss your clinical needs with our dentist who will determine if an extraction is necessary for your case.
What is the cost of tooth extraction in Kenya?
The cost of tooth extraction depends on several factors including the number of teeth to be removed and the complexity of the procedure. At Arrow Dental Centre, you’ll get prices for extractions after an oral evaluation has been done.
What is the best pain relief after tooth extraction?
Pain medications can help to relieve pain after extraction. You can also consider putting a cold compress on the area where the tooth was extracted from.
When can I eat normally after tooth extraction?
Depending on the area of the tooth that was extracted, you might resume your normal diet at around 2 weeks.