Why See a Pediatric Dentist?

April 25, 2022


Many people wonder whether going to a pediatric dentist is worth the effort. After all, why not just send the entire family to the general dentist? While a general dentist can care for the needs of anyone in your household, there are other benefits that a pediatric dental office can provide. When it is time to choose a new dentist for your kids, consider pediatrics. You will see that your children can get more out of these visits than with a family dentist.

Things that happen at a dental appointment

Like going to the doctor’s office, a dental visit is essential for good health. Ignoring these needs can have severe effects. Started at the youngest of ages, people should go to the dentist every six months. When going to the pediatric dentist, kids can expect a thorough examination. This will include X-rays and cleanings. The hygienist will handle most of this work, but the dentist will do a hands-on exam to check on the health of the teeth and gums.

The dentist will also provide restorative care and treatments. When a young patient has a cavity, the dentist will typically do a filling to repair the decay. For more serious cavities, the dentist might have to do a root canal. When there is physical damage to a tooth, such as a chip or fracture, crowns can be a good solution.

A pediatric dentist has more training for kids’ needs

All dentists must earn a college degree and then graduate from an accredited dental school. Pediatric dentists must then get additional training in pediatric care, including preventive and restorative issues. This type of dentist will spend at least two years in pediatric residency. Here, the dentist will learn how to manage challenging issues common among children, including treating severe decay, doing sedation, and providing comfort to anxious patients.

The dentist will focus on the child

While a general dentist can diagnose and treat dental issues with children, a pediatric dentist focuses solely on this. The dentist is trained to work with the youngest patients up through adolescence. Some general dentists have a difficult time related to kids. Some are not as adept as a pediatric office in handling kids who are afraid of treatment. At a pediatric office, the dentist will use techniques designed to calm children and help them feel at ease.

The offers will cater to kids

One thing parents will notice at a pediatric dentistry office is how different the atmosphere is. It truly is for children and has a fun, comfortable ambiance. The office will have child-friendly artwork, colors, and decor. The pediatric dentist may have toys in the waiting area or TVs or video-game systems in the exam room. These aspects can help the children know that this is a place where they do not have to feel worried or anxious.

Benefit from pediatric dental care

Going to the dentist’s office can be scary for kids. It can also be nerve-racking for parents who are concerned about the care their children will receive. A pediatric dentist knows how to overcome these concerns. Find an office near you today and see what a pediatric practice can do for your son or daughter.

Click here to request a dental check-up for your child here or call Arrow Dental Centre at 0740187579 for an appointment in our Nairobi dental office.

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