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Impacted Wisdom Teeth Removal in Nairobi

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What are Impacted Wisdom Teeth?

Wisdom teeth also known as third molars are the set of teeth in the mouth that develops after the second molars. They completely form at about 19 years of age. As they grow, they try to erupt into the oral cavity. While many people lead healthy lives with these molars, sometimes they are trapped below the gum line and behind the second molars. This happens due to a lack of space in the dental arch to allow them to grow normally. When they fail to erupt or are ‘trapped’ in the bone, they are known as ‘impacted’. The wisdom teeth are vulnerable to partial or full impaction which can cause problems to the other teeth as well as further oral health complications.

Arrow Dental Centre provides wisdom teeth removal to relieve discomfort and maintain your dental health.

Symptoms of Impacted Wisdom Teeth

Many Kenyans have at least one impacted wisdom tooth which can cause complications if not treated. The oral and maxillofacial surgeons at Arrow Dental Centre have experience and expertise in removing impacted wisdom teeth.

Impacted molars produce various signs such as headache, cavities, shifting of adjacent teeth, infection, gum bleeding, invading bone, erosion into second molars, and formation of cyst around the wisdom tooth.

Wisdom Tooth Extraction Near Me

Due to pain and other conditions caused by impacted wisdom teeth, we recommend removing them surgically. Our dentists use general anesthesia or intravenous sedation to reduce the discomfort while extracting the teeth.

We conduct a full oral examination and take an X-ray to determine the position of the wisdom teeth and identify any existing problems. This evaluation is essential in enhancing the treatment results and reducing the risk of complications during the wisdom teeth extraction procedure.

Aftercare Instructions

Patients should take antibiotics and pain relievers as prescribed to prevent infection and reduce discomfort. We recommend a soft diet and applying a cold press to the sides of the face which helps to minimize swelling and pain. Also, gargling with warm salt water can aid in reducing discomfort. If you need your wisdom checked or extracted, we’re here to help. Call our office or schedule an appointment online.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to commonly asked questions about impacted wisdom teeth removal.

At what age do you get wisdom teeth?

Most people get their wisdom teeth between the ages of 17 and 23.

How do you know if your wisdom teeth are coming in?

Discomfort is the main sign that your wisdom teeth are coming in. Your gums will be swollen and you might experience jaw pain.

How are wisdom teeth extracted?

Impacted wisdom teeth are normally removed. Dentists will numb your mouth and make a small incision to open the gum tissue. If necessary, they will remove the bone covering the tooth. They will then clasp the tooth with a dental tool and pull it out.

How painful is wisdom teeth removal?

Impacted wisdom teeth removal isn’t painful since your mouth is numb before the extraction procedure starts. You will feel discomfort and swelling for a week or two after the procedure.

How long does it take for impacted wisdom teeth to heal?

Depending on your age and the extent of impaction, it can take a week or two to recover from the extraction of impacted wisdom teeth. However, the gums and jaw may take several months to completely heal.

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